The Joy Factory Monet, Metalic Charcoal. Creative Hi-Def Stylus for Tablets and Smartphones


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The Monet stylus by The Joy Factory is the perfect tool for you to unleash your inner artist. This stylus is designed to work with all devices that use capacitive screens such as iPad, iPhone, Xoom, Nook, Playbook, etc... The tip of the stylus is pressure-sensitive that emulates the feel of the finger touch, allowing users to apply force similar to using the paintbrush while maintaining the same precision. The Monet is designed with an extended body and a balanced weight to give you the full control of your artwork or writing. It allows you to transfer your writing and sketching experience onto tablets and smartphones, giving you an uncompromised experience. The Monet is shaped like a sketching pencil to provide the realistic feel while holding it and it allows you to precisely transfer your writing and drawings into digital form. The Monet is the perfect stylus for you to replicate your writing and sketching in tablets and smartphones.
Manufacturer: The Joy Factory
Part Number: BCE106
UPC: 859974002936
(Package Dimensions)
Length: 21cm    Width: 4cm    Height: 2.3cm   
Weight: 0.01kg   

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