The Joy Factory aXtion Go, Rugged Water-resistant Case with Air Cushion Design for iphone 5/5S, Touch ID Compatible (White)


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Stylish, Thin & Strong
The aXtion Go for iPhone 5s ID Touch Compatible is the most unique case to be released in years. Bridging the thin, stylish contour of a fashion case and the full-orbed protection of a waterproof/rugged case, the aXtion Go is the one case you’ll need for everyday protection wherever you may go.

Drips. Spills. Splashes... No Problem
The aXtion Go is waterproof-rated IPX5. That means it can handle
spilled coffee, rain, messy fingers, or a brief drop in the
water and keep your phone safe and sound. Unbelievable Drop Protection
The thin profile of the aXtion adds only 0.17” (4.4mm) to the iPhone, yet packs in both our proprietary Sandwich™ Quad-Layer Protection featuring our Diamond Air Cushion™ technology for the highest level of shock protection in a case so small. Picture-taking Perfection
Enjoy crystal-clear photos with the aXtion Go’s Sharpvue™ Ultra-Clear Anti-Scratch camera lens. When taking pictures at night, the extra-large camera cutout reduces light leak from the nearby flash. And the raised Volume+ button allows your finger to find it quickly so you never miss the perfect shot.

The Best Built-in Screen Protector
The aXtion Go comes equipped with a built-in SureGuard™ screen protector. This thin marvel provides heavy-duty protection for your screen with a cover so fluid and responsive, you’ll swear there’s nothing there. Amazing Sound Quality

The iPhone 5 is, after all, a phone—so don’t settle for a bulky case that muffles your voice or tones down your favorite tunes. Intelli-filter™ membranes cover the iPhone’s front and rear microphones as well as the bottom speaker for complete protection and clear phone calls. Add in the SmartVoice™ design, and you have a case with optimum acoustic quality.

What does IPX5 mean?
This is a rating defined by the IEC 60529
Ingress Protection Standards.
This rating describes a product that can withstand splashes from any angle, streams of water from water jets, and brief submersion.
The aXtion Go case meets or exceeds the IPX5 standards.What is MIL-STD-810G 516.6?
It's a military-developed standard for testing how rugged an item is.
It requires that an item withstand certain kinds of shocks.
The aXtion Pro has been tested to withstand infrequent, non-repetitive drops from 4ft (1.2m)
Manufacturer: The Joy Factory
Part Number: CWD108
UPC: 817713012042
(Package Dimensions)
Length: 13cm    Width: 8cm    Height: 2cm   
Weight: 0.08kg